Steel and Iron

A NEW MUSICAL is currently under development, featuring some of the brightest musical talents the North East has to offer, and with a name like ‘Steel and Iron’, there is no need to guess the subject matter of its literary location.

Producer and Co Writer Katie Gibson, from Twenty Seven Productions has enlisted an A Class creative team, featuring the likes of chart topping Alistair Griffin, home grown family group Cattle and Cane, and even award winning and critically acclaimed writer Ishy Din. Gibson is excited and keen to ask the question “what happens to a place that is defined by its heritage and industry, when those are taken away from it?”
Ishy Din describes our historical journey and says “Our story begins with the birth of a town, Middlesbrough a small hamlet on the banks of the Tees. The industrial revolution is in full flow and coal is the fuel that’s powering it, the Tees at Middlesbrough is deep and a dock is developed for the ships to be loaded with coal from the surrounding mines to shipped to the factories and mills up and down the country but there is another element that’s going to turn Middlesbrough into a boomtown akin to the Gold rush towns of America and Australia. And that is Iron. With immigrants flooding to the town to find work and sustenance the town’s fortunes are on the up, described by Gladstone as an, “Infant Hercules”, there is no stopping it, but alas a pattern begins to emerge that will follow Middlesbrough until this day. Boom and Bust.” But it isn’t just about the town, it is about the people and families who first lived in Middlesbrough, forging a new way of life and hoping for the “Boom” to last.

Cattle and Cane’s brother and sister duo are no strangers to writing about Middlesbrough’s past, and most recently their lyrics to hit song “Infant Hercules” were printed on the inside of Middlesbrough FC’s home strip. “I’m absolutely loving this” says Helen Hamill, one half of Cattle and Cane, “I’m so proud to be working on something so positive about the area.”

Producing body, Twenty Seven Productions have made a regional name for themselves as one of the top immersive theatre companies in the country, and decided it was time to think big and create something that could change the face of regional theatre and the way it, and Middlesbrough as a town, are portrayed. They are arguably known for their work in unconventional locations and venues; at The Victoria Tunnel in Ouseburn, Newcastle, on WW2 drama “Hitler’s Headquarters” and their gruesome exploration of the Witches of Newcastle, performed at Newcastle’s Castle Keep in Lee Mattinson’s “WYTCH”.

“What happens to a place that is defined by its heritage and industry, when those are taken away from it?”

Although this production will not be ready for some time, Gibson and her team are keen to tell the region and indeed, the nation, that something is coming. At 7:30pm on March 1st of 2019, “Steel and Iron” will visit ARC in Stockton for a ‘sneak peek’ style showing, as ARC is recognised as Middlesbrough town’s leading theatrical venue.
This will be for mainly an invited audience, but tickets can be won nearer the time via social media and local radio stations.
Audiences can expect to see Cattle and Cane, and Alistair Griffin perform songs from the musical, as well as some of Ishy Din’s words take shape on stage, and even a surprise piece of spoken word from a certain Teeside born frontman. Numbers are limited so keep your eyes peeled on the Artist’s announcements for your chance to be amongst the lucky first audience.