Starring luke maddison. written by Alistair Griffin, and Joe and Helen Hamill.

Based on a concept by Middlesbrough-born producer Katie Gibson and written by  John Hoggarth, “Steel and Iron” follows a motley crew of people all from different  backgrounds but united by Middlesbrough, and asks: “What happens to a place that  is defined by its heritage and industry, when those are taken away from it?”.  

Shot at Teesworks, The Redcar Blast Furnace.

Credit to Liam Baguley for stills.

In February 2020 we shot this music video, in association with Linton Pictures, performed by Alistair Griffin. This is a version of our favourite song “Me, I’m from Middlesbrough, Me”. See how many of Middlesbrough’s locations you can spot!

“I want this on the big stage”

“This will put Middlesbrough on the map!”

“The music is beyond beautiful, I could’t help but cry”.

Click here to watch the music video for Steel and Iron.

WYTCHeditOur latest production – “Wytch” – is taking place throughout October in Newcastle. We will add more information as the production approaches, but for now you can visit the dedicated page which gives you links to buy tickets and further details.

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We made the announcement about our new production Hitler’s Headquarters last week, and with tickets selling fast we are already seeing some press coverage for this very special project.

You can of course read all about the project by clicking here – and the link will also give you details on how to buy tickets.

Follow these links to read press coverage on the event:

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Tickets for our eagerly awaited production Hitler’s Headquarters in September and October in Newcastle go on sale July 24th.  You can find further information about the production alongside links to purchase tickets over on our upcoming page.

Booking tickets will be essential, so make sure that you get in early to secure yours.  Also on the upcoming page, you can see information on how to arrange group bookings or private tours.