We are delighted to be associated with Teesside International Airport, and as our Headline sponsors in 2021, we excitedly performed a sneak peek of Steel and Iron in one of the airport’s hangers, to an invited audience – in front of a Boeing 737! The feedback was amazing and a once in a lifetime experience for all. As a part of our association, we at Twenty Seven are proud to produce the Airport’s Official song – ‘Born To Fly’, performed by Alistair Griffin.

Born to Fly – Alistair Griffin

Original Cast

Luke Maddison – ‘Nathan’

Jacob Anderton – ‘Marcus

Tom Jude – ‘Ken’

Frances McNamee – ‘Steph’

Melissa Sert – ‘Amal

Dani Arlington – ‘Dani

Jordan Alexander – ‘Jamie’


Jake Smith

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