About Us

Twenty Seven Productions is an independent production company, founded by Victoria Gibson and Christopher Linton.


Victoria owns Twenty Seven Productions Live Ltd, and her main focus is live and theatre work. An accomplished actor herself, she has an extensive list of credits on stage and screen as well as excellent experience in the behind the scenes promoting and organisation of live events (as a producer she is known as Katie Gibson). She has a keen interest in history and a strong will to complete all tasks to the very best quality.

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Co-founder of Twenty Seven Productions, writer / director Chris Linton took care of all things Twenty Seven Film until moving on to work on his own brand; Linton Pictures. Christopher has an impressive range of writer, director and editor credits, including the majority of Twenty Seven’s creative works. The Sanctuary (2014) is his directorial debut; which to date has received several exclusive screenings and award nominations. Christopher is also an established assistant director in film & television. He now has a number of feature film and large drama show credits to his name, including the likes of ITV’s ‘Vera’ and CBBC’s ‘Harriet’s Army’.



Based in the North East of England, Midnight Electronics supply just about any event you can think of, from theatrical productions to weddings, with their state of the art sound equipment. The prices are competitive and service is second to none. Midnight Electronics are responsible for the beautiful lighting and sound effects inside The Victoria Tunnel, for Hitler’s Headquarters. For more see http://midnightelectronics.co.uk.

space six

Space Six is a hub in the heart of Newcastle comprising of affordable individual studios and bookable rehearsal space for North East based performing artists. Twenty Seven have always worked within  Space Six’s walls when in The North East, as they continue to develop their wonderful studios and nurse creative projects and people from all over the country.
“We offer space, whether it be our studios, rehearsal rooms or shared workspace; all filled with like-minded individuals.”

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