Twenty Seven Productions’ “Steel and Iron” will be hitting Middlesbrough Town Hall  from Friday 13th – Sunday 15th August, coronavirus restrictions permitting, with  tickets set to go on sale on Monday, June 14, via the Town Hall’s box office website. 

To mark the announcement, a new music video has been released for one of the  show’s songs, titled ‘Industry’. It was written by the show’s composer, top-ten  charting Middlesbrough singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin, and Cattle and Cane, AKA  brother and sister duo Joe and Helen Hammill. Paul Smith from Maximo Park has  also contributed to the show. 

Based on a concept by Middlesbrough-born producer Katie Gibson and written by  John Hoggarth, “Steel and Iron” follows a motley crew of people all from different  backgrounds but united by Middlesbrough, and asks: “What happens to a place that  is defined by its heritage and industry, when those are taken away from it?”. 

Teesside International Airport is the headline sponsor for the show, with Alistair also recording a song specially for the airport. Coronavirus restrictions permitting, a  preview will take place at the airport on August 5 for an invited, intimate audience. 

This week, in the run-up to the tickets going on general sale, the cast of the show will  be announced and some exciting competitions will be launched via the production  company’s Twitter handle @twentysevenprod – so watch this space for more news.

Director Jake Smith said: “This is a wonderful story, full of heart and forged in  Teesside steel, with some of the most beautiful and anthemic songs I’ve heard for  the stage. It’s definitely not to be missed.” 

Phil Forster, Managing Director of Teesside Airport, said: “Teesside International is  celebrating its 80th birthday this year. Like our airport, steel and ironmaking in the  region has a long and proud history, and that’s why our partnership with this fantastic  show is such a good fit.